Turn off the Azure AD “Stay signed in?” page

By December 18, 2020Windows AutoPilot

Azure Active Directory

After years of clicking “yes” on the dialog:

I finally decided it was time to turn it off. While it might be useful in web browsers, it’s generally not useful in the types of OS deployment and provisioning scenarios that I typically use because there is no “cookie” retained to remember that choice (and often, the OS itself isn’t retained either). (So don’t think this is a suggestion for everyone to turn this off — for normal users in normal scenarios, it works just fine.)

Fortunately, it’s easy to turn off in the Azure AD company branding settings:

Change “Show option to remain signed in” to “No” and you’re all set. (Of course that’s documented here. Presumably this requires Azure AD Premium or equivalent, since that is a general requirement for company branding overall.)

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