ADK for Windows 11 is available

As mentioned on Twitter, the Microsoft documentation page for the ADK has been updated with a link to the Windows 11 version of the Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) and Windows PE downloads. As you can see, this is build 10.1.22000.1:

The 22000 build number matches the expected RTM build number for Windows 11 (a good indication that the core OS has been signed off, even as development continues on the experience pack, in-box apps, and additional changes/fixes that can be delivered via standard cumulative updates, all of which could still be preinstalled by the time the final media is released).

Does that mean Windows 11 will end up being version 10.1? Nope. For whatever reason, the ADK has always had a “.1” version number. But if you peek into the ADK files, you can see a copy of the Windows 11 SETUP.EXE (showing a likely RTM date of June 5th, so not too much later than the leaked 21996 build):

So, it looks like Windows 11 will still be version 10.0, most likely for compatibility reasons — no reason to take a risk and bump a version number when it could break an app that is doing something stupid (and developers routinely do those sorts of stupid things).

As always, you have to uninstall the previous ADK version before installing the new one. What’s new from the ADK version released for Windows Server 2022 not so long ago? From the published release notes, very little. But that’s not a bad thing, as it ensures that it should “just work” with existing deployment tools like MDT. Heck, it even installs in the same “Windows Kits10” folder as the Windows 10 ADK did. From a deeper inspection of the files installed, it looks just like the Windows Server 2022 version, just using a new Windows build (with the same fixes for the ARM64 version of Windows PE).

Does this version support Windows 10 or earlier versions? The docs don’t mention anything about that. Do I expect it to work? Yes, confirmed in a simple test. Your mileage may vary, use at your own risk, blah, blah, blah…

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