There are some new utilities in the leaked Windows 11 Insider build (21996). The first one is diskusage.exe, a (much) fancier version of the DU utility that has been available as a SysInternals tool. It also had showed up previously in Windows 10 Insider builds, but it doesn’t appear to actually be included in the shipping Windows 10 21H1 bits, so it could possibly disappear again — I hope not, as it is a useful tool.

That’s handy if you want to know where all your disk space went. In this case, I said to give me the top 5 folders in a human-readable format:

Hmm, I never told OneDrive to download all my photos. No wonder I’m running out of disk space. I think that’s a bug, somewhere. In any case, it’s easy to fix by right-clicking on the Pictures folder and choosing “Free up space.” Now it looks more reasonable:

Next up is spaceutil.exe, which is a command line utility for managing Storage Spaces.

As I’m not really a Storage Spaces user, that one isn’t as useful to me. And I don’t quite understand why this isn’t just a set of PowerShell cmdlets. But it’s there if you want it.

There is also a new DISM provider for servicing Edge in a Windows 11 image:

Strangely enough, there isn’t the equivalent support in the DISM PowerShell module, so you’re stuck using the command line for this one.

On the PowerShell front, there is a new “Get-NetView” cmdlet/module. It takes a while to run (many minutes), and generates some errors along the way so it might not be completely done yet. When done, it dumps a file onto your desktop. What did it gather? A whole bunch of network information. What would you use it for? Probably nothing, as it looks like a development/support tool for gathering diagnostics.

There are also seven new Delivery Optimization cmdlets, mostly to help with configuring D.O. but also to delete the cache (funny how that cmdlet uses a verb, “delete,” that PowerShell doesn’t approve of, instead suggesting it should be “remove”).

So nothing too exciting here overall.

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