Windows 11 announcement summary

Windows 11

For those that managed to get through the live stream, there was at least one big surprise, but it’s the separate blog posts that provided more information. Here’s a summary, with links to where you can learn more:

  • Windows 11 will be a free upgrade from Windows 10. “The free upgrade will begin to roll out to eligible Windows 10 PCs this holiday and continuing into 2022. And next week, we’ll begin to share an early build of Windows 11 to the Windows Insider Program.” (Expectations have been for an October release of bits to enterprises.)
  • Windows 11 will be 64-bit only, with no x86 32-bit release. It will also require a dual-core CPU (try to find a 64-bit device that doesn’t have dual cores).
  • The new Store app will support installing Android apps from the Amazon app store, as well as every possible type of Windows apps (MSI, setup.exe, UWP, MSIX, etc.).
  • Windows 11 will be updated annually (no more attempts at twice per year) via a feature update. Each release will be supported for 24 months for Home/Pro and 36 months for Enterprise/Education.
  • There will be a new Start menu experience, task bar, widgets, etc.
  • Teams will be integrated into Windows 11 via a new Chat experience “integrated with the task bar.” (I hope it’s an app that you can remove, or an icon that you can turn off, not yet clear.)

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